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The Loop Lab

The Loop Lab is a creative house based around the Glenn Loopez studio placed beautifully by the seaside on the island Askoy outside of Bergen, Norway.

The studio has room for anything from mixing and mastering music to surround sound to recording 24 quality channels at once.
The heart of the recording enviroment is Cubase Pro with industry standard equipment from the likes of Universal Audio, Soundtoys, Millennia, Focusrite, Shure, Sennheiser, Xfer Records, U-He, Cableguys and many more.


The Fjordfunk Orchestra is just as unpredictable as the weather in the fjords of Norway. Our next song is gonna be whatever we feel like it is gonna sound like. Not tied to expectations or genres the Fjordfunk Orchestra sounds can be as stormy as a dark and windy autumn night or as chill and harmonic as a bright summer evening.